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Start Your Kitten off Right with the Best Kitten Wet Food

When you are a new pet owner, you have so many choices to make for your adorable pal. You have to set everything up, however, one of the most important choices is what to feed them? Choosing the best wet kitten food will start your cat off on the healthiest path for a long great life.

The Starting Point in Feeding Your Kitten

First, you should be feeding your kitten food if he is younger than three years and older than eight weeks. If your kitten is younger than eight weeks, then they are still drinking formula or mother’s milk. Do not opt for feeding your kitten adult cat food as it does not contain enough calories to support the rapidly growing kitten.

If your kitten was weaned before you got them, check with the breeder or shelter as to what they were feeding the kitten. If it is high-quality cat food, then that is great, if not then it will need to be gradually switched to the best wet kitten food you choose for their diet.

The Benefits of a High-Quality Best Kitten Wet Food

The reason that you should choose the best kitten wet food that contains high-quality ingredients number one is to put them on the best path for optimal health.

A wet food is often easier and healthier for a kitten to digest versus a dry cat food. If you are worried about dental problems, then opt for crunchy treats.

Kittens and Cats are carnivores by nature and that is what their bodies are adapted to. When they eat fruits, vegetables, and carbohydrates their bodies can not break these down efficiently and can cause stomach issues and in many cases diabetes in the future. When shopping for the best kitten wet food look at the ingredients label.

What to Look for on Best Kitten Wet Food Labels

Choosing the right food is very important right from the start. Not all canned cat foods have the nutrients your cat needs to stay healthy. Reading labels will help you determine what is high quality kitten food and what isn’t.

The first ingredient should be meat, if it is corn, fillers, or meat substitutes then it is not the right food for you. Chicken, Salmon, Tuna should be listed as the main ingredient and at the top. If the label says formula or dinner than it has a lower concentration of the protein and it is not the best choice for your kitten.

How Many Times A Day Should Your Kitten Eat?

Kittens need to eat more than an adult cat. An adult cat might be fed once or twice a day, a kitten should be fed anywhere from 3 to 6 times a day. Kittens also only eat as much as they need to, they don’t overeat like an adult cat. If you are unsure how much and how many times a day to feed your kitten, ask your vet and they can help you come up with the perfect plan for your kitten. Just remember kittens burn off energy as they are incredibly active.

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