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The Benefits of Serving Canned Cat Food

Canned cat food has many clear benefits, so it is not surprising that veterinarians advise using it either as a diet or as a combination with dry cat food.

Canned cat food contains a large amount of water. This is particularly beneficial for cats that do not drink much and therefore have a greater need for water. Most brands contain up to 80% water, which almost completely satisfies the need for a cat that moves very little. For the owner, there is no need to worry about the water consumption of your cat. Unfortunately, cats are known to drink very little. Canned foods are an ideal nutrition source and can reduce urinary tract problems.

In most cases cats prefer canned food over dry food. Thus, canned foods are ideal if you are the owner of a very picky cat who refuses to eat other foods. Water helps the aroma of the food to develop, leading to a more intense taste than dry food. In addition, the usual canned food contains more protein than other cat foods, and cats find it enticing.

Canned foods have a long shelf life. It is not uncommon for unopened boxes to not expire for two years, and the food stays fresh, tasty and healthy.

Thanks to the large amount of water in the food, the calories are diluted. This leads to the ability of the food to avoid your feline becoming overweight. There are the best light cat food choices for an already overweight cat.

You shouldn’t buy any food by just looking at its price. The quality of the food plays an important role. It must meet the requirements and needs of your cat, so that it is healthy and without any additives that could clutter your cat unnecessarily.

Many canned foods are unfortunately high in sugar. However, the sugar is not there to give a sweet taste. It only serves to make tasty food - not for the cat but for the owner. In addition, sugar is unhealthy, it fattens the cat and can cause tooth decay. For this reason, it is advisable to avoid food that contains sugar.

Canned cat food must contain:

Taurine: Taurine plays an important role in your cat's metabolism and strengthens the heart and the eyes. Taurine is contained in the meat, and the opinions on the amount vary from 400 to 2500mg per pound of food.

Vitamins: Of course, vitamins are especially important and are contained in meat. However, these can be destroyed during production.

Calcium and phosphates: Calcium and phosphates are important for bone growth and kidneys in cats.

Potassium and Sodium: These are also very important and should be included in all canned cat food brands.

It is imperative for you as a cat owner to check the ingredients for yourself and choose a brand that contains them all and not just a portion of them. Good food does not have to hide any one of its ingredients or keep them secret. Quality canned cat food is not only tasty for your cat, but they also provide all the nutrients they need for a healthy long life.

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