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The Different Types of Commercial All Natural Cat Food

Bringing home, a little furry kitty not just brings happiness in your life but that doubles up your responsibilities as well.

You need to learn each, and everything related to them as they can’t speak for themselves! You should be able to understand and fulfill their needs including access to high quality cat food.

A good quality commercial cat food is high in nutritive value to ensure that your kitty is getting the needful nourishment.

There are three kinds of commercial cat foods: canned, dry and semi-moist. These differ in moisture content, protein content, digestibility and palatability. It is prudent to understand their nutritional needs in detail so you can take care of them.

Canned Cat Food

The moisture content in canned cat food is about 75 percent, which implies that it makes for a great source of water. Cats have finicky water drinking habits. So, having water in the food makes sure that they do not become dehydrated. There are a lot of varieties of best kitten wet food that you can easily find in the market.

Canned foods are considered to be highly palatable for a majority of felines. In addition to this, canned foods have a long shelf life and you can store them for the longest possible time. Gourmet canned cat food generally consists of:

  • Whole meat or fish

  • Meats (liver or kidney)

  • Taurine

Vets recommend checking the nutritional label of the package to ensure that the cat foods contain all the necessary nutrients.

Dry Food

The water content in dry cat food usually lies in between 6-10 percent. It depends on the formulation of the product and its ingredients. The most common ingredients that dry food has are:

  • Poultry byproducts

  • Meat byproducts

  • Grain byproducts

  • Fish

  • Fiber sources

To enhance the taste of the food and make it more appetizing, the pieces of dry premium cat food are usually coated with flavoring agents such as animal fat.

Compared to canned foods, dry foods can be more inexpensive. However, they are less palatable and digestible. Also, they need to be kept in airtight containers to prevent spoilage.

Semi-Moist Food

Semi-moist cat food contains about 35% water. The primary ingredients in semi-moist grain free cat food are meat and meat byproducts.

Whilst in general, semi-moist foods contain grain byproducts, cereals, soybeans, etc. These are better than dry foods due to moderate water content and high palatability and digestibility. In the end, it depends on your cat!

No matter which type of food you decide to feed your cat, it is wise to find the most reputable brand of cat food that offer premium nutrition without any fillers. Snappy Tom produces its own high quality human grade food for your pet. In a variety of flavors and types to fit your cat’s needs and preferences.

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