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This is why you should choose a plant-based cat litter

Did you know that the average cat owner tends to spend more on litter than on food? As it is one of the most essential pet supplies, it might seem easier to choose the cheapest litter you can find on the shelf - but this article is here to change your mind.

We decided to gather some reasons for you to put natural cat litter under your radar and invest in your cat's daily life quality with this simple but effective choice.

Think in the long run

A plant-based cat litter is 100% natural, compostable, and biodegradable. It is super absorbent and it is naturally clean and non-toxic. To free you from the initial worries about the pricing, a natural cat litter can actually cost less in the long run because it is more economical than clumping litter as you don’t have to change it as often.

You have options

Natural cat litter can be made with corn, wheat, pine, walnut, and paper. As you can imagine, there are some variations between them and the brands that produce them, so you can find the perfect one for your house by testing the brands you trust and checking some reviews to understand what can work best for your routine.

It's easy and safe!

Natural cat litters often offer more options for disposal - some recommend it to be flushed down the toilet, they also have a smaller environmental impact and there’s evidence that they’re safer, especially for kittens. It’s hard to beat something that can be healthy for both your furry friends and the world, right?

Three things to keep in mind

If we were able to convince you to change the average litter for an eco-friendly one, here are some things you can use as a reference when choosing the one you will use.

  1. Clumping: your cat litter needs to clump properly and evenly so that they can be easy to remove, facilitating your routine and keeping your house clean.

  2. Dust: run some tests to avoid the options that leave dust around the house. It will also be easier to clean and avoid allergies.

  3. Odor: it is important to consider choosing a cat litter that eliminates odors without the use of harsh chemicals.

Ready to go?

There are many pros and cons to cat litter on the market, however, there are bonuses to using an eco-friendly, odor-controlling, non-toxic best cat litter like Snappy Toms Plant-Based Cat Litter.

Ours is made from natural Pea Fibers, neutralizing urine and ammonia smells, completely developed to cover all your needs in the safest and cleanest way.

Check our products to learn more.

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