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Three Ways To Familiarize Your Cat With Its Carrier

Taking an indoor cat outside is not an easy task - for some, a quick look at the carrier is

reason enough to hide under the couch for hours. But despite the resistance, your cat has the potential to learn how to get used to this moment and deal with it in a much less stressful way. Cats learn to adapt very well, so here are three ways to familiarize your cat with its carrier:

Normalize it

You know how resistant cats can be when it comes to even the smallest changes in their territory. For this same reason, it's important that your little friend gets used to seeing the carrier around the house just like any other item or piece of furniture.

If you leave your carrier out in plain sight, its presence becomes normal and the cat will

adjust to seeing it every day. They will have a chance to acknowledge that strange and

scary piece, smell it as much as they like and finally understand it isn't so bad after all.

Turn it into a safe and comfortable place

Once your cat gets used to constantly seeing the carrier around the house, it won't seem so threatening anymore - and that's where comfort begins to occupy that old fears place. Cats often like to hide and sleep in small spaces, and you should definitely use this to your favor.

By getting familiar, it's easy to see why they would feel safer to explore the object and

maybe even give it a shot by choosing it as a new place for a nice nap. Then, take it to the next level: fill it with soft blankets, treats and toys. Turn it into a place they will want to be at, where they feel like it was built for them. This positive reinforcement will help your cat to understand that good things happen inside the carrier, and this memory can help them associate that staying inside is also good.

Take them for a ride

Now that your cat is getting comfortable with the entire process of staying inside the

carrier, start offering treats and other goodies, and then start closing the carriers door. You can hold it closed for 5 seconds, and slowly increase the time as you like.

When you are able to identify some behaviour changes, try and take your cat for a walk

around the house. Open the door right after and let them understand this process as well. After a while, once you are comfortable enough, try and take them for a quick car ride - 10 minutes can be a good start and you can also increase the time as you go. As soon as you return home, open the carrier and offer their favorite food or toys. This will also help with creating a reward process that should make this entire effort worth for both of you.

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