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Tips For Feeding Your New Kitten

Getting a kitten is so exciting and fun. They can bring so much joy to a family and add a little chaos with their high energy. When it comes to feeding your kitten, there are so many types of food and hard to know what they really need. Here are some tips on feeding the best kitten wet food and weaning your kitten.

Transitioning from Milk to Solid Foods

Transitioning your kitten from a liquid to a solid diet might be a little tricky at first. Once a kitten is a month old you can start feeding them wet food. Wet food is the easiest to get your kitten to try it is moist and easy for them to chew. Some kittens may prefer to have their food warmed up a little. Be sure not to make it hot or cook it, as the consistency and taste will change.

Well Balanced Kitten Food

You want to make sure that you start feeding them high quality cat food. Kittens need special nutrition for growth and development. They need two or three times more protein, fat, and nutrients than adult cats.

To ensure that your kitten is getting the best wet kitten food, read the labels. The first ingredient should be a named meat protein. Also, check to make sure that there are no fillers or by-products listed on the label. Kittens need essential fatty acid DHA as their nervous system is depends on it. Be sure it includes this in their cat food diet.

Feeding Schedule

Having your kitten on a feeding schedule is better than just leaving food out all day. It is easier to monitor how much your kitten is eating. And if they are eating enough if you are feeding several times a day. For kittens 6 months and younger, it is recommended to feed them 3 times a day. Then move it to two times a day. Check with your vet to make sure that this feeding schedule is good for your kitten’s needs.

No More Milk

Once your kitten is old enough to be weaned off milk for solid foods, that is the end of their milk drinking. Switch your kitten to water as they don’t have the enzymes to suitably digest milk and it can make them sick. Your kitten may not be happy at first, but it is for the best. Be sure to check and fill their water bowl throughout the day. It is important that they have access to water to stay hydrated. Kitten’s body mass is 70 to 80 percent water. Feeding best wet kitten food will help keep your cat’s water intake.

Keep Your Kitty Trim

While you want to make sure that you keep your kitten trim and not overweight. You also need to make sure that your kitten is not underweight. Underweight kittens may not develop properly. Check with your vet if you are worried, it might just be that your kitten needs more calories. Kittens burn more calories than an adult cat.

Enjoy Your New Family Member

Have a great time with your kitten and don’t worry. With the correct knowledge, it is easy to keep your kitten healthy. Giving your kitten the best life possible they will grow up and be a part of your family for a very long time.

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