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Tips to Finding an All Natural Cat Food

Providing nourishing food for your cat is key to a long, healthy life. Plus, they have to actually enjoy the food, too. When trying to decide what is all-natural cat food it is hard to know what makes it natural. All-natural cat food is really about what isn’t in the food.

How to be Labeled Natural

In order to be labeled natural cat food, it must be made without artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. The only exception is certain vitamins, the ingredients in all-natural food can only come from plants, animals, or naturally occurring minerals.

Free of By-Products

Natural cat food brands are free of byproducts. Things like skeletal meats, connective tissue, blood, or organs. This is a key factor in a natural diet. It is a high protein animal diet with high-quality proteins. Cats have higher protein requirements than most mammals – even dogs and humans.

The fastest way to confirm if the protein is not some sort of by-product is to see if it is a named protein like Salmon, Tuna, or Chicken. It also should be at the top of the label before any other ingredients are listed. Cat food labels must put ingredients in the order of predominance by weight, the protein should be the first.

The best option when looking into a brand or reading a cat food label is to see if the proteins are listed as “human-grade”. This phrase means that it is legally suitable and approved as nourishment for humans. Human foods are much more rigorously regulated than food made for animals.

Grain-Free Natural Cat Food

Natural pet food that is labeled grain-free is made without corn, wheat, or soy ingredients that can cause sensitivities in many animals. Many times, grains are used in foods as a filler since it reduces manufacturing costs and a higher profit margin.

Stay Away From

There are ingredients that you want to stay away from. They are some of the things mentioned above as well as chemical agents, dyes, corn, soy, and artificial dyes. If you see these ingredients within the label that it is not natural cat food.

Benefits of a Natural Diet

In addition to your cat having better health and living longer, you will find that an all-natural cat food diet will give your cat added benefits. They will have radiant and lustrous skin and coat, a good weight, healthy joints, good eyesight, and a strong immune system.

Do Your Due Diligence

With a little research and investigating, you will find all-natural cat foods that you and your pal will love. At Snappy Tom we use the highest quality fish and meats in our recipes to appeal to your cat’s finicky tasted while giving them all the nutrition they need. We are all-natural cat food and our labels will confirm it. We care about your cats as much as you do. If you have any questions, give us a call and let us help you and your cat feel good about your food.

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