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Top 5 Dietary Diseases Affected By a Poor Diet

Proper nutrition and a healthy diet are just as important for our pets as it is for us. With high quality cat food, you can prevent many illnesses in your cat.


Obesity in cats is an epidemic, it is the number one nutritional disease seen in cats and dogs.

Do your due diligence when looking at cat food labels, and the calories and content. While young cats need a higher calorie intake as they get older and lead a more sedentary lifestyle it is important that the calorie and fat count decrease a little. Also, be conscious of the carbohydrates in your cat’s food as they don’t need it and their bodies are not as equipped to process it.

Cats that are overweight are more prone to developing arthritis, diabetes, and high blood pressure.


A surprising number of cats are being diagnosed with Diabetes. It is most common in obese cats. The number one treatment is insulin however, diet and exercise can help.

The cat’s diet becomes a huge piece in helping control the illness and moving to a high-protein, low carbohydrate diet. With weight loss and healthy cat food, it can help manage the disease.

Heart Disease

With an unbalanced diet, cats often have issues with heart disease. One red flag in cat food that triggers heart disease in cats is sodium (salt). The sodium increase causes water retention in the blood vessels and elevated blood pressure.

The heart must enlarge because of the increase in pressure and to pump the blood from the ventricles. To help be sure, that sodium is not in your cat food, check the ingredients label. Healthy cat food will not have a high sodium percentage if at all.

Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease (FLUTD)

Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease or also known as Feline Urologic Syndrome. It affects the bladder and urethra of cats. Signs that your cat is suffering is difficulty and pain when urinating, increased frequency, and blood in the urine.

Risk factors are low activity level, excess weight, and diet.

Increased water consumption can help. If your cat is not interested in drinking water, you can add it in feeding canned cat food. The moisture level in canned cat food will make a huge difference.


Pancreatitis is when the pancreas becomes inflamed and is often accompanied by another disease. When the pancreas becomes inflamed, it causes the movement of digestive enzymes to be released into the abdominal area. The causes are fatty foods, obesity, or trauma.

A properly balanced, exercise, and a high quality cat food diet will help prevent this disease.

Healthy Cat Food Can Help with Prevention

While not all diseases are a direct result of a poor diet, as genetics and other factors weigh in. However, by looking into what you feed your cat and choosing a healthy cat food, you can help your cat. Keep your cat trim and provide the proper nutrients you will give your cat the best life possible.

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