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What Makes Canned Cat Food A Suitable Choice

Canned cat food comes with multiple benefits, and cat owners could consider regularly supplementing their pet’s diet with canned cat food, if not entirely switching over to a wet food dietary routine.

What makes canned cat food a suitable choice?

Protein richness: Cats basically are born carnivores. This implies that their bodies get the maximum nutrition from proteins and meat. The former help the cat produce essential amino acids that aid body growth, generate new cells and regulate all normal bodily functions.

A diet that’s protein-deficient will lead to appetite loss, a dull skin and coat, rapid weight loss, immunity to vaccines, lethargy, a weak immune system leading to increased illnesses and infections.

Even though dry cat food may be protein-rich, it isn’t heavy enough because of a 33% protein content. Canned cat food, on the other hand, comprises 40-60% protein and is beneficial for the cat’s growth in the long run.

Canned cat food is more tasty: Research indicates that canned cat food is a favorite with cats because of better taste due to its real meat and high moisture content.

Since water is critical for maintaining the cat's health and wild prey comes with about 75% water, cats meet a lion’s share of their need for water from their food. This is where the cat food’s high moisture content plays a crucial role.

Dry food or kibbles on the other hand, have a paltry 5 -10% water and cats being fed on dry food may not get ample hydration, which could lead to renal disease and recurrent infection of the urinary tract. However, it pays to remember that wet food is no substitute for fresh water and this calls for ensuring that the cat gets to drink fresh water also.

Less carbohydrates: Canned cat food contains lower amounts of carbohydrates. This is essential in providing the cat its right nutritional dose. However, if the cat is being fed a constant diet of wet food, the manufacturer’s instructions need to be followed carefully. Otherwise, the cat could become overweight or even obese.

In sum, even though canned cat food has more protein, is more palatable and provides more hydration, it should be balanced with dry foods also to ensure that the cat gets exposed to both food types. A sudden switchover from wet to dry or vice-versa could lead to eating problems later on.

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