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What Type of Cat Litter is Best for Your Cat?

There are so many choices in cat litter it can easily feel overwhelming when trying to choose. While every household is different, and cats have a mind of their own. There are some general “rules of thumb” for to choosing the best cat litter.

Of course, cat litter does not make your cat happy, however, finding one they like will mean that your cat will use the litter box. Making you happier.

The Type of Litter Most Cats Prefer

There are studies that have shown the universal preferences a cat has when it comes to litter. In particular, there are two preferences that cats have.

  • Smaller Litter Particles – Cats prefer fine particles. A finer particle feels better on their paws. It is similar to would you rather walk on the sand at the beach or rock climbing barefoot.

  • Odor Free – Cats favor unscented litters over scented litters. Cats have an excellent sense of smell, more fine-tuned than humans. So, the flowery scents may bother your cat and sway them away from using the litter box.

Qualities That Humans Prefer

While your cat has preferences as cat owners, there are preferences you might have. Here are a few factors that may be appealing to you.

  • Odor Absorbent – This is a feature that many cat litters have even if they are unscented. The packaging may say odor absorbent or eliminates odor.

  • Low Tracking – You want the cat litter to stay in the box and not get tracked around the home. There are many litters that are less tracking than others. Which means less mess in your home.

  • Low Dust – This isn’t just important for keeping your floors, furniture, and electronics free from a fine layer of litter dust. It is important for keeping your cat and your family’s lungs clear. It is critical if anyone in your home has asthma. Cats can also have a reaction to excess dust.

  • Clumping / Absorption (Easy to Clean) – Everyone wants an easy to clean litter box. Minimizing the mess and making it an easy chore. Easy to clean might mean a cat litter that has instant absorption power, like a crystal cat litter. This is an alternative to clumping that still makes it easy to clean.

  • Environmentally Safe – Eco-friendly litters are important these days. There are litters that are biodegradable, flushable, or that they have features like absorption that mean you don’t have to use as much litter, making it Eco-friendly and budget conscious.

Find A Brand That You Trust

Finding a brand you trust will make choosing the best cat litter for your home even easier. Cat litter comes in so many types and options that it is important to go with a brand that you trust. The litter packages will make many claims, and you want to be able to trust that you are in fact choosing the best cat litter for your cat and for the humans. Also, if you can find a litter that is cost effective, will be an added bonus. Snappy Tom has both a plant based, and crystal based options that are quality litter and backed by a brand that cares about your cat as much as you do.

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