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Why Choose Premium Cat Food

Any responsible cat owner would prefer premium cat food to keep its pet healthy and sound and to prolong its life to the maximum possible extent.

What then is premium cat food? Just as we eat nutritious and quality foods, cats too can be fed the same, depending on their individual nutritional needs.

Premium cat food & nutritional requirements of cats

A proper diet for cats comprises several things: Amino acids, premium quality proteins like meat and fish as also a healthy dose of carbohydrates.

Premium cat food is believed to contain all this so that the cat on consuming it has a healthy heart, a stronger immune system and better vision. Taurine is an important and essential amino acid that cats require, and which is used in premium cat food.

Moreover, fatty acids and 10% omega-D3 fat is required to boost the nervous system. This is in addition to certain minerals and vitamins, which are all found in the correct proportions in premium cat food. However, it also pays to remember that over feeding the cat could lead to heart problems and even diabetes.

Selecting the right premium cat food

When shopping for the appropriate premium cat food,first look at the manufacturer’s label carefully. If the words “complete and balanced” are mentioned on the food pack, then you know for sure that it has been manufactured according to the stringent standards set by the AAFCO or the American Associate of Feed Control Officials.

Also, look for its main protein source. The word chicken and/or beef, if mentioned clearly, signify authenticity rather than the word, meat. An established premium cat food always has the protein source as its first listed ingredient.

Stay away from foods that have words like bone meal, animal by-products” and/or animal digest on their ingredients list because these are mere fillers and there is no way you can judge their quality standards. Avoid those foods with preservatives like BHA, propyl gallate, or BHT as also corn meal fillers.

Benefits of premium cat food

A feline fed on premium cat food inevitably has a healthier and glossier coat and maintains the right weight. Moreover, such foods cater fully to the cat’s nutritional requirements and supplements are not needed.

The animal also has higher energy levels and feeds less because one meal is wholesome by itself.

While a high-quality cat food may cost a bit more, the advantages of buying premium cat food are well worth it for the health of your pet.

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