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Why do Some Cats Seem to Have an Aversion to Healthy Cat Food?

It often appears to cat owners that their pet is showing reluctance towards consuming healthy food.

Pet owners, all excited, bring easily digestible, nutritious food for their four-legged family members only to find their lukewarm response to that food. What’s really the matter with them? Is healthy cat food not appealing to the cats?

There may be different reasons for their lack of eagerness to try healthy food. The abrupt change in their food habits might cause them unease. In fact, they might vomit if you start feeding them entirely different food all of a sudden.

Cats are similar to humans when it comes to food avoidance. just as you may avoid a food that once made you feel ill; cats will do the exact same thing. They will associate the feeling of nausea with that food. Thus, making it very hard for you to get them to try a new cat food.

Give them time to adapt to the new variety of food. It may not be welcoming to them instantly, but gradually they will get used to it and start expecting to be fed the same healthy, nutritious food daily.

Like humans, cats can be addicted to junk food too! Try flavored canned cat food.

Cats may become addicted to the shape and texture of the food and reject anything new that you offer her. It is possible that your cat may be addicted to junk food due to fat, carbohydrates, and salt. She won’t like being offered any healthy food. But that doesn’t mean you cannot feed her healthy cat food.

Don’t just deprive them of the favorite food all at once. Let the transition be slow. Once they get used to the healthy, nutritious food, they will start expecting it. So rather than changing the diets too quickly gives them time to adapt. Make sure that they get plenty of freshwater in their diet to keep her in good health.

Don’t give her a choice

You might need to be a little strict with your pet when it comes to feeding them a healthy diet. If you place both healthy and junk food in front of them, they might ignore the healthy one and finish the other bowl served to them.

No point scolding them for that! Why give them the choice? They really need a diet rich in essential cat nutrition. Instead, positive reinforcement and praise for eating the healthier food can make a difference.

Feeding them junk food now and then is alright, but making it a regular thing can spoil them and they will reject anything that they don’t like the taste and texture of at first. Premium cat food will keep your cat in a cheery mood and ensure that their good health continues.

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