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4 Essential Tips on Choosing the Best Kitten Wet Food

Choosing the best kitten wet food for your cute little furry darling could be a tedious task because of the vast quantity of such foods available in the market.

However, the choice of the best kitten wet food depends largely on the little one’s specific nutritional needs to keep it healthy and active as it grows up.

Each kitten may have varying nutritional and a one-size-fits-all feeding approach doesn’t work. So, here’s what you need to consider when selecting your best kitten wet food.

Study the protein & fatty acids content of the best kitten wet food

As you go food hunting, look at its nutritional value first because the wrong food increases the kitten's risks of poor bone & muscle development, obesity, and a weak immune response.

Carefully study the product’s life stage and go for the best kitten wet food that has the right amount of DHA fatty acid that aids eye and brain development as also folic acid for the right cellular growth. The amino acid, Taurine is also important for proper cardiovascular, immune, and digestive systems functioning as also for improving vision.

The food’s protein sources should be from high-quality grains and meats like chicken, corn, tuna, barley, or wheat. That’s why choosing a product that has these items in its top four or five slots on its ingredients list is important.

The food texture of the best kitten wet food matters

Ask your vet if you can experiment with both canned and dry foods. This will familiarize your kitten with multiple textures to make feeding easier later if it has to eat canned food for health reasons. However, "wetting" the kitten's food using milk is best avoided as it may upset its digestive system and lead to acute diarrhea.

Avoid the following

Kitten foods devoid of vitamins C and E and proteins, are best avoided. These together boost the kitten’s immune system while fatty acids aid in overall growth. Moreover, it’s also recommended to buy the best kitten wet food from salient and well-known animal food makers who are candid about their ingredients and whose quality is unquestionable.

Timing & portions

A kitten has a small stomach and is best kept on 3 small daily meals until it’s six months old. This can be reduced to two daily meals. Adult cat food shouldn’t be given either since kitten could choke on that food.

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