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All-Natural Lite Food to Get Your Cat In Shape

Every cat owner wants their furry friend to thrive and be well and using the best all-natural cat food is a crucial step in achieving that goal. Although your cat is smart, mysterious, and descended from their enormous wild counterparts, they are not immune to health problems - foremost among them obesity. While obesity generally affects older cats, it can also happen to those that still have their youth.

Just like with people, cats can experience severe consequences if their weight is not kept in check - sometimes even a shortened lifespan. While using premium cat food is an important step, it’s good to know that diet isn’t the only thing that contributes to obesity. Other factors include:

  • Age

  • Breed(American Shorthairs especially)

  • Digestive Issues

  • Lack of Exercise

  • Neutering/Spaying

  • Medicine Side-Effects

If your cat is a bit overweight, you don’t have to resort to expensive procedures with specialists or veterinarians. However, if the obesity is extreme, it is prudent to take a trip to the vet and make sure your cat isn’t already experiencing secondary health problems (such as hip, joint, or respiratory conditions) due to the extra weight.

Although it can be tempting to put your cat on an intense restricted diet to help them lose weight, Snappy Tom has a Lite line of premium cat food formulated exclusively to help cats with a little extra shed unwanted pounds.

Besides dietary changes, trying to ensure your cat gets ample exercise is an excellent way to help them shed weight. For older cats that have a harder time moving, toys with catnip inserted into them can offer the motivation to get them going.

Above all, make sure you give your cat extra tender loving care, as they will need it going through the difficult process of losing weight. It can be tempting to punish your cat, but we recommend against this as it’s not necessarily the cat’s fault that they aren’t in excellent shape. Withholding affection, playtime, food, or cuddling, this can trigger emotional distress in your cat that may only serve to make matters worse.

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