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Avoid Cat Food Recalls: Go All-Natural

Choosing to feed your cat all-natural cat food will go a long way in avoiding the nightmare that is realizing you fed your pet a now-recalled cat food. Here’s a list of all the brands that issued a recall in 2018 and 2019:

  • Hare Today

  • Woody’s Pet Food Deli

  • Columbia River Natural Pet Foods

  • 9Lives

  • G & C Raw, LLC

  • Rad Cat Raw Diet

  • Vital Essentials

  • Blue Ridge Beef

  • Raws for Paws

Recalls of pet food usually occur to due various contaminants being discovered in the product. This could be potentially life-threatening for your cat if you feed them the tainted cat food before hearing about the recall and switching brands.

The best way to avoid a potential headache (or heartache) from buying unclean cat food is to go with an all-natural brand that never compromises on the quality of ingredients.

Snappy Tom Natural Cat Food is grain free and never has any artificial additives!

Our premium line of protein-rich natural cat food is made from real fish and chicken - like a cat’s natural diet. We also do not use corn, wheat, or soy.

When you make the decision to purchase conventional cat food, you’re selling your furry friend short and perhaps even putting their health in danger. If you were a cat, you would want the most premium, all-natural cat food available - that’s why we recommend Snappy Tom Natural Cat Food. We’ve got a wide variety of healthful cat food blends, including Naturals, Ultimates, and Lites - something for every palate.

The big corporations who are merely looking to make as much profit as possible don’t put nearly the same level of care and effort into creating superior quality all-natural cat food like we do at Snappy Tom. When you go with the conventional brands available at the supermarket, the source of the ingredients in their cat food is questionable at best.

When you go with Snappy Tom, you can rest easy knowing your cat is getting the best cat food money can buy, and they’re sure to fall in love as real chicken or fish is always our primary ingredient!

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