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Benefits Of Canned Cat Food

When buying food for your beloved kitty, you could be astounded with all the choices available. Shelf after shelf at the pet store displays various brands and varieties of cat food, each promising to be better than all the others.

So many labels

You want healthy cat food for your kitty, but the different labels mentioning things like "natural", "grain-free", and "organic" make you wonder if you have been feeding your cat all wrong so long.

These challenges are faced by every cat owner. Cats are known to be fussy and picky about their food; they would rather starve than eat something they don't like. This makes choosing the right cat food for your kitty more difficult.

Your kitty could turn her nose up at what is considered healthy cat food and she could also refuse to eat a low-carbohydrate grain free cat food. Therefore, you must consider your cat's tastes before choosing a particular type or brand of food. Yes, it does require some trial and error.

Water is not on their high list

Cats are not fond of water. It takes a lot of effort to get your feline to drink the required amount of water in a day. From leaving fresh water to installing a fountain, cat owners are familiar with the challenges of getting a cat to drink. This is why wet food is recommended for felines.

Canned cat food is always wet. Dry food, also known as kibble, is also available, but a dry diet isn't recommended for cats because it robs them of the necessary hydration. Wet food has high moisture content, which gives cats the required water.

There are various outdated beliefs surrounding canned cat food. Some believe kibble is healthier than wet food or that canned food is bad for the teeth. But these are untrue. Wet food is often more nutritious than dry food because it gives cats the hydration they need. Plus, it is also more filling than kibbles.

Wet canned cat food has shown to reduce chances or urinary tract infections, and also appeal more to finicky eaters. Canned cat food also has more variety than kibbles. Dry food like kibbles are best used as snacks, while wet food should be used as proper meals.

Water is healthy

When you feed your cat wet food, you can rest assured that your kitty is getting the hydration that she needs. Adequate consumption of water or wet food can drastically reduce constipation, urinary tract infections, and also improve digestive health.

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