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Benefits of Healthy Cat Food

When we talk about healthy cat food,we actually refer to a balanced and fully nutritious diet for our cats. This is also highly palatable food with specific texture properties and/or compositions, with a rigidity equal to or below 100 N/mm.

The ideal healthy cat food?

When healthy cat food is formulated or manufactured, two important things are kept in mind first: wellness and optimal health.

Nevertheless, this so called healthy cat food can be of no use or little value if the cat rejects it or its consumption gets reduced because the cat finds it unpalatable. It is common among animals to eat more if they find the food palatable.

Cats are known to be extremely finicky about food and palatability plays a crucial role in the creation of healthy cat food.

Healthy cat food normally contains flavor compositions for increasing its palatability and to make it more appetizing to felines. Two such components are sodium acid pyrophosphate and choline compounds.

On top of this, specific macronutrient content parameters are provided to increase taste. The ideal cat food, according to experts, contains phyllosilicates, proteinaceous materials that are water-binding and contain a minimum of 65% proteins and glucomannans.

Preferably, said palatable dry cat food has a rigidity below or equal to about 100 N/mm. Also, preferably, in step a) above, said dry cat food preparation is extruded prior to drying. Another object of the present invention concerns a palatable dry cat food obtainable by the foregoing method.

How beneficial is healthy cat food?

Healthy cat food is as beneficial to your cat as healthy foods are to you. When you eat a healthy diet, you inevitably stay healthy with controlled weight, higher energy levels, and a normal blood picture.

The same happens to your cat if it’s regularly kept on healthy cat food.Cats being comforted loving animals, tend to avoid physical exercise and tend to put on weight quickly. An overweight or obese cat could, therefore, end up with heart conditions, diabetes, and even cancer.

That’s why it’s most important to keep them on a healthy diet right from the kitten stage so that they get used to it right from the early stages of their lives.

Overfeeding your cat for the first couple of years and then putting it on a healthy diet could actually affect it adversely because it could simply refuse to eat and starve itself literally, leading to other complications.

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