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Healthy Cat Food For Kidney Disease

Your pet being diagnosed with kidney disease is a scary thought, but it isn't the end of the world. Most cats can live for years with kidney disease.

There are medications and various treatment options available for cats with kidney disease but a healthy diet is often more crucial to maintain kidney health.

A monumental change

The definition of healthy cat food changes when your pet is diagnosed with kidney disease. It calls for a drastic change in your pet's diet, to minimize the load on the kidneys while ensuring proper nutrition.

You must have seen the different varieties of dry and canned cat food available for cats with kidney problems. However, before you start your pet on a new food or diet, you must always consult the vet.

When your cat has kidney disease, you must regularly consult the veterinarian to ensure the proper diet.

While it seems convenient to pick up grain free cat food formulated for cats with kidney disease, you can never be sure of the ingredients that are going into them. Before you pick up just about any food off the shelf, it helps to understand the special needs of your cat.

The dietary changes need to be made depending on the severity of the disease, but as a rule, cats with kidney disease should be given diets low in phosphorus, protein, and sodium, and rich in omega-3 fatty acids.

Although phosphorus is an important nutrient for a cat, not in case of kidney disease the phosphorus in the blood should be as low as possible.

Canned cat food low in phosphorus slowly improves the health of kidneys and increases chances of survival.

The kidneys are responsible for eliminating waste products from the blood, and protein contributes to maximum waste.

Foods to avoid

That's why, healthy cat food for kidney disease should also be low in protein. If your cat has protein loss through urine, then a low protein diet is more important. In addition, you should also avoid giving your cat with kidney disease treats like meat jerky, cheese, etc.

Another ingredient bad for kidney disease is sodium, because it increases blood pressure and heightens the risk of kidney damage. Healthy cat food for kidney disease should also contain low sodium.

When you cat has a serious condition like kidney disease, you must always consult the vet before switching diets. A healthy cat food can prolong the lifespan of the kitty and also help her remain comfortable.

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Is the canned tuna with pumpkin okay to use as a meal topper for our cat with chronic kidney disease? It has been working for awhile to get her to eat her prescription food (her numbers are stable), but I didn't know if you had other suggestions.

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