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How to Choose Healthy Cat Food

Giving your feline companion a healthy cat food is one of the most important decisions you can take.

The right cat food is essential for keeping your fur baby fit, happy, agile, and at the proper weight. The food should also appeal to your cat and make her look forward to eating it every day.

But making the right choice for healthy cat food isn't always easy. When you visit the cat food section at the store, the different varieties and brands can seem overwhelming and confusing. Every brand and formula are marketed as healthy. But not all of them may be right for your kitty.

Various factors go into choosing the right food for your kitty. Let's talk about the top five to consider when picking a healthy cat food.

How old is your cat?

Is she a kitten under six weeks? Is she a senior cat? Not every food is right for every age. Kitten food is different from the food meant for an elderly cat.

Ideally, a cat under one year of age should be eating kitten, a cat under seven years of age should be eating normal adult food, and after seven years, you should switch to senior cat food.

Does your cat have health issues?

An increasing number of pet food companies are manufacturing formulas especially for pets with health issues. If your cat has digestive disorders, allergies, or is on a special diet for other health conditions, you must choose a cat food specially formulated for weight loss, digestion, hairballs, etc.

Is yours an indoor or outdoor cat?

The activity level of the pet is crucial to choosing a healthy cat food. An indoor cat needs a formula that won't lead to excess weight gain, while an outdoor cat needs a formula that will give her the energy to run around.

There are separate indoor and outdoor formulas for cats available from every major pet food brand.

What are the ingredients?

If your cat is specifically allergic towards any ingredient, look for a formula without it. Ideally, every cat food should have fish or meat as the first ingredient.

The formula should also be free from gluten (regardless of whether your kitty is allergic to it or not), meat meals, any animal by-product, and chemicals and preservatives. Ask your vet for a formula that's right for your pet.

What is your budget?

Healthy cat food doesn't always have to be expensive. You can high quality get budget cat food from many brands. If you aren't sure, ask other cat parents for suggestions.

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