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How to choose healthy cat food?

If you are a cat owner, you are bound to find the search for healthy cat food quite confusing. While the choices are endless, so are the controversies and disagreements when it comes to what and how to feed your feline pets.

Learning what to look out for while shopping for cat food can help you make a more informed decision.

What’s in the Can? AAFCO – The Association of American Feed Control Officials has certain guidelines as to what must go in a can of cat food. AAFCO mandates that if the food is advertised to be made of a single ingredient that it should contain at least 95% of the same ingredient, not including water.

Likewise, if the food is advertised as a combination of ingredients, that the combination must contain at least 95% of the food. In other words, if the advertisement claims that the food is made from turkey and beef, it should have at least 95% food in all.

Check Animal Protein: Healthy cat food must have some source of animal protein and fat. Cats are carnivores and need arachidonic acid and taurine in their food which is present only in animal sources.

The ingredients must contain one or a combination of animal protein such as poultry, beef, chicken, dish, or turkey. They may also be by-products of the above-mentioned meat.

Consider Grains: While some people still argue against feeding pets, grains and glutens, these are in fact an excellent source of carbohydrates.

Your feline pet can easily metabolize carbs and convert them into a source of energy. Cat experts believe that a diet that a balanced diet will keep your cat healthy and happy.

Research Your Cat Food Brand: Quality control and sourcing in the manufacturing of the cat food are equally important considerations when choosing healthy cat food.

Pet food labels, however, aren’t required to provide this crucial information. It is a prudent idea to check this information on the official website of the company.

You may also call the consumer relations department of the company to get the answers you are looking for. Any solid brand will gladly engage with its customers and provide the information you are seeking.

Apart from the above-mentioned points also be sure to conduct an analysis of the nutrients present in your cat food. You may also have your cat’s vet run through the ingredients to be sure you are giving your pet healthy cat food.

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