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How to Know What Food Your Cat Likes

Buying cat food can be tricky. You may end up buying ten different healthy cat food from renowned brands, only to have your kitty turn her nose up at all of them and walk away.

What is healthy may not exactly be mouthwatering to them, and what tastes good may not be healthy for them.

You may have your vet make a list of products suitable for your cat, only to realize your kitty doesn’t love any of them. Not knowing what canned cat food your fur baby loves can be distressing.

Unfortunately, you cannot simply ask your cat what they love. There is no other way except trial and error to find out what your pet likes best. It may take some time, but it will help you zero in on the right food. Remember that cat’s preferences may change from time to time.

The following steps can make choosing a healthy cat food easier for you:

  1. Ask the shelter or breeder you got the cat from about the food they had been eating so long. If they have a particular variety they love, you must keep feeding them that instead of changing the food. This is especially true for little kittens, because they form their food preferences in the first few weeks.

  2. If the above step isn’t possible, your next best bet is to ask your vet. Veterinarians will usually take your kitty’s health, lifestyle, and age into consideration to suggest a few different options.

  3. Purchase five or six brands of canned cat food in different flavors for running a few test feedings. Buy only one can at a time, preferably the smallest size available. If you purchase the food from your vet, he may be able to give you sample bags of cat food.

  4. During the test feedings, place two different foods next to each other, and see which one she loves. Pick out the ones she prefers and feed them the next day, narrowing your options down one by one.

  5. Choose two or three of the varieties that she liked best and keep feeding them for the next few days. If your cat gets used to the food, buy larger packs. You can also rotate the varieties that she picked from the test feedings.

When it comes to cats, there’s no surefire way to know what they like. Snappy Tom makes healthy cat food for all kitties with real meat. If you’re in Australia or Canada, it’s time to switch to delicious and nutritious food for your fur babies.

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