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How to Select The Right Healthy Cat Food

Like humans, cats too, need the right amount of nutrition which is available from healthy cat food.

Options available for healthy cat food enhance a kitten's growth and strengthen its skeletal and immune systems as well. So, selecting the right healthy cat food is as vital as the shopping that you do for your own food.

What to consider when selecting the right healthy cat food

Protein, fat, & carbohydrate content: In basic terms, the most appropriate healthy cat food will contain the correct amounts of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates that are required for a balanced diet. This food will keep the cat's skin, coat, and muscles healthy. Carbohydrates for instance, are essential to provide energy to allow the cat’s peak performance for longer time periods.

Read the pack label carefully: Before buying healthy cat food,make it a point to read the pack label carefully. Check whether chicken, turkey, barley, corn, dried egg, and tuna are included in this type of food since this type of food is a salient source of protein.

Soybean, whole grain corn, and fish oil are essential fats for storing energy and must also be included. Also check out if the food contains Omega D3 and D6 fatty acids that ensure a healthy coat and smoother skin.

The other items that should also be included are calcium for strong and healthy bones and vitamins C & E for strengthening the immune system.

Meat content in healthy cat food: When buying healthy cat food, pay special attention to whether 95% of chicken, beef, or tuna meat is present in it. This has been directed by the AAFCO or the Association of American Feed Control Officials.

Does the food contain taurine? This essential amino acid enhances the cat's vision, neurological and heart functions and is found in animal proteins. Therefore, any quality healthy cat food must have this acid in the right doses. Avoid any food that does not mention taurine as one of its principal ingredients.

The cat’s age & present physical condition: It’s also essential that you consult your veterinarian to ascertain first which is the right healthy cat foodfor your pet. Cats need different food types during different stages of their lives and food for a kitten may not be suitable for an adult or senior cat.

Choosing the right food is, therefore, essential since anything otherwise could lead to digestive and hairball troubles and obesity. You don’t want that!

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