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Is a Grain Free Diet Good for My Cat?

With so many options in cat food and ideas about what is good for your cat, it’s hard to know what the best diet for your cat is. Grain free cat food is one of those that sounds good, but is it really what your cat needs?

What is a Grain Free Diet?

Grain free diets for a cat contain more of the food that your cat would prefer to eat versus grains. More proteins like fish and meat. It is similar to the diet that would eat in the wild.

Corn, wheat, and rice are found to be the main ingredient found in cheaper lower quality brand cat foods. They are a filler and manufacturers use it to meet the carbohydrate requirement. It is a cost-saving method in the production of cat food.

These filler grains cause problems in the digestive system for cats. Also, there are some cats who have allergies to these grains. A grain free diet will eliminate the ingredients that cause sensitivity.

Considerations to Take

Grain Free Cat Food tends to be higher in protein, and due to that can be higher in fat. You will need to watch the portion size, so your cat doesn’t put any extra weight on.

Grain free diets can benefit cats that suffer from diabetes and cancer.

The ideal diet for a cat with diabetes cancer is one that is high protein and decreased carbohydrate content. It is also important for a cat with cancer to feed them food that is highly digestible and absorbable.

Label Basics

Pet food is regulated like human food under the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act. There are also label regulations for pet food by the Association of Animal Feed Control Officials (AAFCO). Which states the basic ingredients must be on every label. Which means that the labels will have the information.

“All-natural” on the label does not always mean that it is truly all-natural. Which makes label reading important as you would on human food. Even with a grain free cat food, you need to be diligent and read the label.

In some grain free cat foods, they will substitute grains with potato and tapioca which are similar to grains as a filler.

The top 5 ingredients on the label should primarily be meat. If the top 5 ingredients are corn, wheat, or soy, then you know that it is cheap food.

If you have any questions if your cat should eat grain free cat food consult with your vet as they know your cat and can help you make the best decision for your pet. If you are in the market for a high quality grain free cat food Snappy Tom has several flavors and options for your kitty. Snappy Tom Natural Cat Food is grain free and no artificial additives.

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