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Natural Cat Food Myths Debunked

When we hear the word "natural" we tend to think everything healthy. Natural food, natural living, natural cosmetics... Everything "natural" has huge demand these days.

However, natural doesn't automatically mean healthy or better than normal, especially when it comes to natural cat food. Most pet food manufacturers are here to do business; it isn't unusual for a "natural" cat food formula made with the same ingredients as all other pet food.

What makes the situation worse is that the US government doesn't have any set regulation for natural pet food products.

The only standard is that the products should be free from artificial or chemical processing, which is a vague definition. This means manufacturers can pass off anything as natural, even if the food has actually been subjected to chemical processing. There is no way to know.

There are various myths surrounding natural or holistic pet food, most of which pet parents tend to believe. Giving into the different myths circulating in the air will only lead to a sick pet. If you have always thought of trying natural cat food, here are three widespread myths you should know about.

Myth #1: Natural is the same as organic

There is a world of difference between natural and organic food. First and foremost, "natural" isn't as highly regulated as "organic" food. Natural can mean anything that hasn't undergone chemical processing, but not necessarily organic.

The USDA has a clearer definition of organic food, which is anything that comes from plants grown without chemicals or pesticides or free grazing animals raised on an organic farm.

People usually assume that organic and natural are the same kind of food, but it isn't so. Organic cat food is always natural but natural isn't always organic.

Myth #2: Natural cat food is healthy

Just because the label says, natural doesn't mean the formula contains all healthy ingredients. Natural cat food may not always be made from the healthiest ingredients. Before you blindly assume that every natural pet food is healthy, check the ingredient list. If it doesn't contain human grade fish, meat, or the nutrients that your kitty needs, you are better off with some other food.

Myth #3: Expensive means better

While premium natural cat food is generally more expensive, it doesn't mean the pricier options are always the best. You don't need to feed your kitty fine dining meals for ensuring its health and vitality.

As long as you are providing her with the nutrients they need to thrive, it doesn't matter how much the food costs. Don't run after the most expensive food always. High quality cat food is also available on a budget.

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