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Points to Ponder While Selecting Healthy Cat Food

Like humans, cats too, need the right amount of nutrition which is available from healthy cat food. This type of food enhances a kitten's healthy growth by strengthening its immunity and skeletal systems.

So, pay due attention when you select the correct healthy cat food as you do when shopping for your personal food items.

What to consider when selecting the right healthy cat food

The animal’s current age and physical condition: Take your veterinarian’s opinion to know which the right healthy cat food is for your pet.

Cats need different food types during different stages of their lives and food for a kitten may not be suitable for an adult or senior cat. Choosing the right food is, therefore, essential as anything otherwise could lead to digestive and hairball troubles problems and obesity.

The right measure of fats, carbohydrates, & proteins: The right healthy cat food will always have a balanced measure of fats, carbohydrates, and proteins – the ideal formula for a balanced diet.

You’re your cat is fed on it, rest assured that it will end up with a glowing coat and healthy muscles. The carbohydrates present in the food for example, provide the adequate amount of energy to enable the cat to perform at its peak for longer periods of time.

Meat content: When you buy healthy cat food, check if its meat content is 95% beef, tuna or chicken. This has been directed by the AAFCO or the Association of American Feed Control Officials.

Carefully check the food pack’s label: Before you buy healthy cat food, ensure that you carefully inspect the food pack’s label. The label should tell you if items like chicken, barley, turkey, dried egg, tuna and corn have been included as essential protein sources.

On top of this, the food should also contain soybean, fish oil and whole grain corn because these help store energy. For smooth skin and glossy coat, fatty acids like Omega D3 and D6 are also must haves.

Also, Calcium that enhances bone strength and Vitamins C & E that strengthen the cat’s immunity system need to be there.

Does the food contain Taurine: Taurine, found in animal proteins, is an amino acid that improves vision, cardiac and neurological functions. Therefore, a first rate healthy cat food must contain this acid. So any food that doesn’t mention Taurine is best avoided.

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