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Should You Follow a Schedule to Feed Your Feline Pet Healthy Cat Food?

Following a cat feeding schedule is a prudent way to avoid over-feeding her and ensure that she gets enough of the nutrients in a timely manner.

They require high amounts of proteins and fats, and a series of vitamins and minerals for proper growth or her various organs. Cats do not require high quantities of carbohydrates, they rely more on proteins from animals.

So, before you make a schedule to feed your cat there are a few things to consider. Their age and health are a crucial factor in determining what diet routine will suit her best.

Also, her diet should include natural cat food, and any food that she may be allergic to must be avoided.

Type of natural cat food that should be a part of her scheduled feeding

Her daily diet plan should consist of food that will fulfill her nutritional requirements and is free of any unhealthy substances.

Make sure that she only gets grain free cat food as most felines cannot handle grainy foods. Also, reject anything which is glutinous. Your little kitten requires special care while being fed, to stay healthy and chirpy.

Any food improper for her digestion can lead to an upset stomach. Fresh meat or pumpkin can be a good choice when planning their eating schedule. You can also choose some veggies that will provide her the necessary vitamins.

Meal feeding your cat will help ensure that she gets a controlled portion and doesn’t end up being too chubby or overweight. You should feed her two meals a day, one in the morning and other in the evening.

Also give them about half an hour to finish their servings, because cats, unlike dogs, take time to finish their food. While dogs gobble down the entire bowl of food in a matter of minutes. Cats will swallow a small portion, get back to their seats and return to the bowl after a while and eat some more.

Should it have more wet food or dry?

Wet food is preferred only because that will ensure adequate hydration, which is an important need for cats. However, you can also place some dry food for her to feed upon when she is hungry.

You could place clean water somewhere accessible to her. But it’s vital that she gets clean and pure water along with healthy cat food, so that she doesn’t suffer from any health issues after drinking it.

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