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Snappy Tom Feeding Instructions For Cats

A balanced diet is important for everyone, including cats. We all know cats can be picky and fussy eaters and turn their nose up at most kinds of food.

But as a pet parent it is your responsibility to make sure that your cat you going to well-balanced diet that's appropriate for their age, breed and health condition.

Because cats can be so picky about their food, many pet parents are often confused about what to feed them. What adds to the confusion is the wide range of cat foods available today: grain-free cat food, gluten-free cat food, natural cat food, and so on.

It isn't just humans who have a large number of choices today in food; pets also have a lot to choose from and it confuses their owners to no end.

Key reasons

There are two things you must never forget about a cat: they are obligate carnivores and they have evolved from a desert origin. This explains why cats love meat so much and why it's hard to get them to drink water.

Cats are not vegetarian by any means, and should not be put on a diet that consists only of grains and veggies. Some veggies can be healthy for cats but without meat or fish, they will not get the nutrition they need.

Cats cannot be vegan

Protein is the primary source of daily calories for cats, and they need meat or fish for their daily dose of protein. If you think a cat’s diet can mimic yours, you’re making a mistake and putting your cat’s life at risk.

Your cat cannot be vegan, they need their meat and fish. Cats derive essential nutrients from animal protein that keep their eyes, teeth, and coat healthy.

Do not feed your cats all-natural cat food made of veggies and grains. That’s not a cat’s diet.

Cats need hydration

By habit, cats tend to dislike water. They hate to bathe, they hate to drink. But like everyone else, cats too need hydration, or they become susceptible to UTI and kidney problems. That’s why canned cat food is best for felines because it has water content.

Cats should be given dry food only as treats. For meals, they should be given canned cat food made from high-quality, natural ingredients. Also make sure to check with the vet and follow the diet best suited to your kitty’s health.

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