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The Details in an All Natural Cat Food Diet

More and more, cat owners want all natural cat food for their cats, and they are right. Diet is a huge part of your cat’s well-being, and maintaining wellness keeps them with us longer and out of the vet’s office.

Feed your cat yourself?

It's possible. Feed your cat healthily? It is also possible. Cats can eat many human foods as well. Have you wondered if homemade food is the right choice? However, it is an exacting and time-consuming endeavor.

You must also maintain the right balance of ingredients including vitamins and minerals, knowing the forbidden foods for felines and then properly storing the homemade food. Without the correct knowledge, owners can accidentally cause deficiencies in the cat affecting the health by not understanding all the dietary needs and rules.

All natural cat food in stores

There is an alternative to feeding your cat over processed food that has corn, wheat, soy and other fillers or risking the feline’s needs by making homemade food.

There are all natural cat foods that give your cat of all ages and stages in life, the nutrition they need with natural ingredients.

A high protein diet is what a cat eats in nature and it is the best way to keep a low urinary pH naturally and high hydration level.

What to look for in all natural cat food

The protein source should be named not just labeled as “meat”, it should say Salmon, Tuna, Sardine or Chicken, for example. The protein should also be listed before any grain. The optimal diet must also contain at least 26% protein and 40% fat. Favor foods rich in taurine as that is optimal for your cat as well. Ash content in a small percentage is beneficial in the food as it is a compilation of minerals, that is similar to a wild animal’s diet.

Double check the ingredients and analysis label to be sure that it does not have any of these ingredients:

  • No chemical agents

  • No preservatives

  • No dyes

  • Grain-Free

  • No corn or soy

  • No artificial dyes

If the labels have any of these listed than it is not an all natural cat food, many times brands claim that they are a natural or complete and balanced product and yet contain fillers and other ingredients that are not beneficial to your pal.

Benefits to Your Cat

The benefits to an all natural cat food diet are: a radiant and lustrous skin coat, healthy joints, maintaining a proper weight, strengthening of their immune system, help ward off kidney and heart disease.

Fish offers omega-3 fatty acids which will improve eyesight in your feline.

Finding the best all natural cat food diet is important and once understanding what your cat needs and requires will make the transition seamless. If your feline has any health issues or concerns, double check with your veterinarian before making any changes to their diet. Maintaining our cat’s health and wellness is what all owners strive for and a happy pet is a happy house.

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