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Treating Indigestion for Cats With Premium Food

Although choosing the best natural cat food greatly reduces your cat’s chances of developing indigestion or other digestive issues, it isn’t always a guarantee - even the healthiest cat can suffer from GI issues from time to time. Additionally, certain breeds (such as Sphynx) of cats are more sensitive and susceptible to these problems than others.

While using a high-quality natural cat food is important, there are other ways cats can contract GI issues - such as getting parasites from another animal (or their poop), hairballs, eating certain plants, or consuming toxic chemicals/foods by accident. Symptoms to be on the lookout for include constipation, vomiting, no appetite, runny stools, and flatulence.

If you think your cat’s health may be in danger, it’s wise to immediately call the veterinarian. The vet can perform various tests to check your cat’s health, such as a hands-on exam, blood testing, and x-rays. In the worst case, your cat could be hospitalized, but they may only require a prescription or natural home treatment.

Feeding your feline exclusively high-quality food is crucial to avoiding the headache and emotional turmoil that comes with having a sick pet. If you don’t put in the effort to give your cat the best food, it’s likely that sooner or later they will be the one that pays for your decisions. On the other hand, going the extra mile to purchase premium cat food does wonders for cats.

Additionally, supplementing your cat’s diet with coconut oil can be an effective and affordable way to help your feline deal with hairballs. Also, make sure your cat always has access to clean drinking water - keeping your cat properly hydrated will prevent a myriad of health issues. We recommend using a shallow water dish, since cats usually try and avoid getting their whiskers wet.

It’s also important to remember that most cats don’t do well with dairy, as they have an intolerance to lactose that develops after their first few weeks of life.

These are all just guidelines to help your cat maintain optimum health - know that when you choose Snappy Tom premium cat food, you are getting the best cat food available that always has real chicken and fish as the number one ingredient.

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