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What is the best wet kitten cat food?

There is an ongoing debate on whether what manufacturers claim to be the so-called best kitten wet food is really the best after all.

Critics and researchers are constantly posting their views on such foods, making comparisons about their relative water and moisture contents, which make them ideal as your little pet’s natural prey diet.

Usually the best kitten wet food contains about 60-70% water and also has a moisture content of 70-80%. That’s why choosing a wet food that has about 70% moisture content is ideal as it leads to better hydration.

The general consensus is that there are a few leading brands that could be trusted for their quality but overall, there’s no one particular best kitten wet food.

Why should you go for the best kitten wet food?

Best kitten wet food is protein-rich with less carbohydrates: Wet cat food contains more meat and proteins in general as compared to kibble diets.

This works well with cats, known to be obligate carnivores, which require few carbohydrates. Low carb and high protein content promote satiety and keeps the kitten from returning for another meal within a short time.

Maintains a healthier urinary tract: Neutered male cats are more prone to urinary tract infections and conditions like kidney stones, idiopathic cystitis, as also diseases of the lower urinary tract. These usually result from chronic dehydration.

Since the best kitten wet food contains more moisture than its dry counterpart, your cat will suffer from less dehydration and would perhaps be the best thing to maintain its kidney health.

Also, kittens with diabetes, hyperthyroidism, diabetes and cancer that strain their kidneys, could benefit substantially if they are fed wet foods.

Eating is easier with the best kitten wet food: For kittens with dental and/or oral problems and sensitive stomachs, wet food is usually very helpful. It makes an easy transition to solids from formula or milk, as it’s very easily eatable and easy on the stomachs of young kitties.

It also works well with kittens recovering from constipation or diarrhea because of its higher moisture content, which enhances digestion and reduces hairballs.

Wet food leads to weight loss: Moisture again is wet cat food’s winning factor. The higher water-content of wet food helps an overweight kitten lose weight or in maintaining it, because the water makes the pet feel full.

Kittens fed on a kibble diet find it hard to lose weight because kibble being dense, lacks the necessary moisture, making the kitten overeat.

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