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What Makes Grain Free Cat Food a Preferred Choice for Cat Owners

Grain free cat food has recently caught public fancy, particularly among cat parents.

It is becoming more and more popular to pet parents because they are being constantly told by their vets and the grain free cat food manufacturing companies that it’s more appropriate for cats because of their rich protein content and that grain-based carbohydrates also resemble their natural diets more closely.

Is grain free cat food right for the cat?

Despite the advertising blitzkrieg extolling the virtues of grain free cat food, a particular segment of cat owners harbor doubts about its overall efficacy as a feline nutrient.

Grains such as wheat, corn, and rice form the basis for most cat foods because they can be cheaply produced, while also allowing for ample provision of necessary carbohydrates at much cheaper cost.

These grains, however, could troublesome cats because they could be allergic to some grains and would have a hard time digesting them.

Some even opine that cats don’t secrete an enzyme called amylase that breaks down carbohydrates before they enter the stomach. Moreover, wild cats rely on more proteins than carbohydrates and less protein intake could harm their systems in the long run.

Why select grain free cat food?

Grain free cat food usually contains more natural ingredients that a cat would be hunting for and/or eating if it were in the wild.

Meat and fish proteins are also found more in some grain free diets. Some manufacturers even use other high glycaemia carbohydrate sources such as tapioca and potato, which nutrient makeup wise, are quite similar to grains.

Grain free cat food is also ideal for those cats that have been proven to be allergic to certain grains after allergen tests have confirmed the same. They start losing hair through perpetual itching, develop alopecia and may become acutely nauseous and once the vet confirms that grains are responsible for this, it’s best to switch them over to these special foods.

It is also seen that cats with severe alopecia or bald patches have developed shiny and bushy coats after being introduced to grain free foods for some time.

However, it is vital that you recognize the fact that the high-protein grain free cat food could also have a high fat content, and this could lead to obesity or overweight problems.

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