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Why an All-Natural Raw Diet is Great For Cats

When you first attempt to tell someone about the benefits of a raw cat diet, chances are they will try to back out of the conversation. That's because most cat parents are too used to feeding their pets packaged cat food.

While there is nothing wrong about feeding your fur baby healthy cat food available in the market, the problem is with most of the cat food brands available today you can never be sure what is going into them.

Other additives

Although the ingredients are mentioned on the back of the pack, there may be other additives going into the product that could be harmful for your fur babies.

This is when a raw cat diet can be extremely beneficial. When you give your cat a diet based in raw food you are giving them a diet that similar to what they would be eating in the wild. Cats are completely carnivorous, which means they are meant to survive on meat.

Although it is okay to feed cats vegetables once in a while, they get their nutrition only from meat. High quality cat food contain generous amount of meat but since they go through a number of processing methods the nutritional value gets diminished.

A plenitude of benefits

If you have enough time in the day it is best to bring your cats up on and continue to feed them a raw diet. The benefits? There are numerous.

Because cats are meant to eat and digest raw meat, a raw diet improves their digestion and keeps it working the way it should. Lean mean contains high protein and little fat, so cats get the nutrition without putting on excess weight.

Raw meat requires no added vitamins and minerals, because they are unadulterated and contain pure nutrients. It reduces stool volume and odor, increased energy, maintains the right weight, and makes the fur and coat shiny and soft.

However, if your cats are used to eating canned cat food, it is best to make the switch carefully. Cats brought up on packaged food may not prefer the taste of raw meat in the beginning.

That is why you must take your time to balance canned and raw food until your pet gets used to it. If you notice that your cat does not prefer raw food no matter how long you try it is best to switch over to which ever food that they like.

Remember, you cannot make your cat eat something they don't want to.

What if you do not have enough time to prepare a raw diet for your cat? Your next best option is to choose healthy cat food available in the market.

Snappy Tom specializes in organic and all natural cat food, the next best thing after a raw diet. Regardless off the grid or age of your pet Snappy Tom has something for all of them, from kittens to senior cats.

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