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Why Is High Quality Cat Food Essential?

Since your cat is a family member, giving it high quality cat food is as essential as providing other members of your family with the right nutrition.

With high quality cat food, you are at least assured that its nutritional value will be high, and it is manufactured using premium quality proteins, fats, and carbohydrates without too many preservatives and under the most hygienic conditions.

High quality cat food usually contains more meat than grains, making it healthier for the cat. This in turn, makes it more expensive.

Types of high quality cat food

High quality cat food is available either in dry form or as canned wet food. The latter is usually less expensive and manufactured with real meat.

However, its protein content may be too high for kittens which can’t process extra protein like adult cats. Dry cat food, on the other hand, is roasted usually with a lower water content than canned wet food. Moreover, it tends to last longer because it’s given in smaller amounts every time.

Keeping the cat healthy with high quality cat food

High quality cat food is absolutely compulsory for any kitten to help it grow into a healthy and happy cat.

Any feline fed on low quality food will inevitably end up with a plethora of health issues including diabetes and acute diarrhea, which could cause death even. For instance, excessive consumption of dry food having a heavy grain content may cause urinary infections and obesity.

That’s why it’s most essential to read the food pack labels before selecting a particular brand and to always consult your vet.

A high-quality cat food contains premium quality meats, sugars, grains, and additives. They are known for containing the “good stuff” like more meats instead of grains and vegetables – the “bad stuff” – unsuitable for cats.

So, anything that has a high grain content is best avoided because the cat could get diabetes or develop grain-induced allergies later from eating too much grain.

It needs to be remembered that a high-quality cat food, being meat-rich, will also have greater amounts of water in it.

This is essential to keep the cat hydrated as meats contain nearly 75/80% water. Thus, it goes without saying that your cat’s diet should be similar to yours to maintain good health and to prolong its life by increasing its immunity to diseases.

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