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Why should I Choose Wet Food to Add to My Cats Diet?

Since it is rich in water, the best kitten wet food responds very completely to the needs of your cat but you must make sure that the ingredients that compose it respects the carnivorous nature and bring him all that is necessary for its balance and its welfare.

Cats haven’t changed their basic diet requirements in domesticated life and therefore remain a strict carnivore. At home, the diet should reproduce the nutritional intake normally found in the wild, and compliant with what your vet recommends for your feline.

The benefits of wet food and bi-nutrition

Rich in protein, this diet must also be composed of 70% minimum water. However, the dry cat food contains only an average of 10% and if your cat is willing to use his bowl of water, it may not hydrate enough which can affect the urinary and renal systems.

The kibble balance to wet foods and rations depends on both the weight of your pet and the lifestyle (whether he goes out or stays indoors, if he is more active than sedentary). For a cat of 8lbs, it is recommended to serve between 1 or 2 cans per day, dependent upon the size of the can, spread over 2 meals and leave a bowl of kibble self-service for your cat to nibble in the day and night.

The ideal composition

To provide all that your cat needs, in addition to its hydration, a moist food, whatever its form, must be rich in animal protein quality and low in carbohydrates to get closer to the food behavior of cats and their natural preferences.

Keep in mind that wet foods contribute to the water balance of your animal, but it does not replace water. Your cat must always have fresh, clean water available at one or more places in the home.

How to choose the right food?

To offer the best to your companion, it is essential to check the ingredients and the analytical composition of the wet food you want to feed your cat. The humidity should ideally be at least 70%.

The best kitten wet food must be made from a selection of healthy, natural, highly digestible and traceable ingredients and their analytical constituents must meet nutritional criteria with a moisture content of 79.3%, a protein level 9.3%, a crude fat content of 5.1% and a gross ash content of 1.8%.

These cats, who respect the carnivorous nature of the cat, must contain high quality animal protein and vitamin E, to support its natural defenses, and essential omega 3 and 6 fatty acids for a beautiful coat and healthy skin.

In addition to kibble cat food or main diet, wet feeding can bring water to your cat. There is a wide variety of wet food and flavor options. A sufficiently wet diet can ensure a good water supply to your cat that tends not to drink enough. The best kitten wet food will delight your cat while helping him healthy.

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