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Your Cat Needs A Healthy Diet For Their Well-Being

Today our well-being and our health worry us, and we are aware that a healthy diet is a way to take care of us. It's exactly the same for cats!

How to define a healthy diet for a cat?

A healthy diet for a cat should be as "natural" as possible, containing no or as few additives and especially a lot of natural ingredients of good quality.

It is common knowledge; to be healthy we must avoid industrial dishes that contain many additives and sometimes-dubious ingredients. The same reasoning applies to our cats. We must therefore ban the pies and croquettes of major supermarket brands because they contain ingredients that can be very harmful to the cat's health (risk of urinary stones, allergies, etc.).

The most natural feed for animals is called "Biologically Appropriate Raw Food" or "Raw Feeding", the ideal menu of a naturally fed cat will therefore be composed mainly of raw meat, but also vegetables (carrots, pumpkin ...) because he also eats plants in nature.

We can cook for our cats (beware of hot electric plates when you have a cat!), however it is also possible today to find 100% natural healthy cat food based on these principles in the trade.

The risks of a poor-quality diet

Cats can suffer from many pathologies directly due to poor quality food (animal by-products, many additives ...). The symptoms are numerous and must alert us and urge us to consult a veterinarian as soon as possible:

  • Weight loss

  • Vomiting

  • Hair in bad condition (observe the hair of his cat to monitor his health)

  • Itching

  • Unusual stool and urine (cat has problems urinating / urine outside litter / diarrhea ...)

  • Unusual behavior (lack of energy / cat "hiding" ...)

  • Loss of appetite

Low Price Food versus Quality Food

We are thinking of saving money by buying "low price" industrial food for our cats. This is the case in the short term ... but NEVER in the long term! Paying less for the cat's food is great, but then having to pay exorbitant veterinary fees because he is sick because of his cheap diet doesn’t make monetary sense.

This is a calculation to make, both financially and emotionally (the suffering of our cats is usually very difficult to bear ...).

One Meal A Day or Several Meals Throughout the Day

It is better for a cat to have several small meals a day. Some cats have trouble letting a half-full tray of croquettes stick around. Which is not favorable to the weight of your cat. Give this kind of cat food three to four times a day.

The amount of food your friend needs every day depends on his weight, age, and physical exercise. You will find information on the exact quantity to give him on the packaging of cat food.

It’s therefore clear that the adage "prevention is better than cure" must be taken very seriously when talking about the feeding of our cats. Quality natural foods are synonymous with well-being and good health in cats. There are quality healthy cat foods that are not exorbitantly priced and will keep your healthy and happy.

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