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How To Give Medicine To Your Cat - Pill Edition

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

If you have a cat, you probably know the struggle: having to medicate your little friend is far from easy. Depending on their personalities, it can be considered an impossible mission that not even the greatest spy could accomplish. But we'll share some tips that can help you make this moment a little easier for everyone involved.

Ask your vet first

This seems like an obvious tip, but not everyone remembers to ask what the proper procedure is when administering a new prescription at home. There are different possibilities you can choose to make sure everything runs smoothly, for example: many pills can be mixed with food or crushed, but others must be swallowed whole, so it doesn't affect its efficiency.

A step-by-step guide

1. First, you should monitor your cat's mood. Having them in a calm environment helps to also calm them down, and it is obviously easier to take the first step once you know you have everything under control.

2. Put your cat on a stable surface that gives you enough grip to dominate the situation. Then, calmly stand behind your pet letting him observe your movements - also allow him to take some time to get used to the situation.

3. Gently hold your cat's mouth open with one hand using your thumb and index fingers. Tilt your cat's head upward, then use your other hand to gently open their lower jaw and place the pill in their mouth as far back as you can.

4. Once the pill is on your cat's tongue, make sure you close your cat's mouth and gently massage their throat while still tilting their head upward - this movement can help with their natural swallowing instincts.

5. Place their head back to the normal position and check any signs of swallowing - a good one is if they are licking their lips, and then keep observing if they will spit the pill out.

6. Check their mouth - if the medication is still there, offer them some water and repeat the process.

7. Treat Your Kitty! Surprise your feline friend with her favorite food, treats and toys after they take the medication. This helps make your cat less fearful.

Time for a treat

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